Affini-T Therapeutics Primary Photo

Affini-T Therapeutics

Watertown, MA


Integrated at Work (IAW) completed the installation of demountable walls, doors, and switch glass applications at Affini-T Therapeutics’ new headquarters at 100 Forge within Arsenal Yards, Watertown, MA.

Applying switch glass technology provided privacy on demand.  Switch glass controls the amount of light transmitted through the glass, allowing it to change from transparent to opaque when needed.

Check out our video below showing switch glass in action.


  • 255 LF Muraflex Demountable Walls
  • 25 doors and switch glass applications

IAW’s affiliate, Environments at Work (EAW), provided Affini-T with its workplace furnishings. Together, our family of companies creates a seamless process for our clients through a combined effort and an active line of communication. Learn more here

Demountable Walls
General Contractor
Erland Construction
courtesy of Erland Construction; IAW