Confidential Pharmaceutical Client Primary Photo

Confidential Pharmaceutical Client

Waltham, MA

Office, Science/Tech

This remodel project aimed to create a workplace that adapts to the client’s evolving needs and seamlessly blends modern design and practical functionality. Utilizing demountable walls, specifically cutting-edge Haworth EFG Walls and Muraflex Expo, allowed for a sleek design and adaptable workplace layout. This innovative approach ensures flexibility in office configurations, enhancing the space’s overall efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

This project demonstrates our team’s expertise in demountable wall solutions and emphasizes our commitment to delivering comprehensive workplace solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. With a trusted partnership of over 15 years, we’re excited to continue providing workplace solutions that blend style and usability for this client.

Additionally, our collaboration with Environments at Work, our affiliate specializing in office furniture solutions, was critical to the success of this project. Together, we streamlined the office renovation, providing both furnishing and architectural solutions, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious transformation of the office space.


  • Haworth EFG Walls: 222 LF 2-channel offset glass
  • Muraflex Expo: 26 LF 1/2” clear tempered
  • Old Castle: 1/2” clear tempered glass for the EFG walls


Demountable Walls, Glass & Glazing
General Contractor
Siena Construction
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