Underfloor Air Distribution

What is UFAD?

Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) was developed over 50 years ago as an economical and more efficient alternative to traditional overhead air delivery. UFAD systems are now widely used throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Integrated Interiors completed the largest UFAD project in New England at Partners Healthcare in Somerville, MA. Learn more >>

How does it work?

Low-pressure conditioned air is introduced under the floor plenum by the air tower.

In-floor swirl diffusers allow for personal control.

Heat/cool linear perimeter diffusers wash the window walls to compensate for outside temperatures.

Spent air rises naturally and is fed back to the building’s cooling system above ceiling height

key benefits


A UFAD system provides improved air quality and significantly lower energy and maintenance costs.

FRESHER AIR. UFAD environments enjoy cleaner, healthier air. In fact, studies have found that in spaces with UFAD, employee productivity increases and absenteeism is substantially reduced.

PERSONAL CONTROL. Occupants have the convenience of being able to control the airflow in their personal space.

SAVINGS. Because UFAD systems can be promptly serviced and require less energy, owners and building managers can save on service calls, maintenance and up to 30% in regular energy costs.

GOING GREEN. By providing exceptional thermal comfort and superior air quality, a UFAD system comprises 50% of the criteria required for a high Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) rating. The result: greater comfort using less energy.


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