Modular Power

the most versitle in the industry

Our Modular Power Distribution System (MPD) provides owners, consultants, facility managers and occupants with unlimited flexibility. Our MPD system is economical, easily accessible, and adaptable for future additions and/or reconfigurations.

Exceptional adaptability

why choose mpd

The MPD system utilizing the Plug & Play technology meets the demands of today’s ever-changing office spaces – without requiring an electrical contractor.

PLUG & PLAY. Our Plug & Play system is designed to provide clients with the ultimate in MPD flexibility. It’s easy to access, simple to configure and adaptable to multiple capacity usage.

MINIMAL CLEARANCE. Our MPD system can easily accommodate RAF spaces with very low clearance, such as retrofit applications. We’ve designed and installed spaces with finished floor heights as low as 2 ½”.

COST EFFECTIVE. Ease of access means that time-consuming changes in design or additions can be quickly completed. That adds up to savings.

MODULAR. Our MPD system affords clients the ability to integrate seamlessly into systems furniture or operate as a stand-alone system that eliminates the need for electrified components. The modularity of the system allows it to be reconfigured over and over again.

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