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Boston, MA

Office, Science/Tech

WHOOP engaged the AT WORK COLLABORATIVE companies—Integrated at Work, Environments at Work, and People, Places & Spaces—to design an inclusive workspace that reflects WHOOP’s product style and design. Integrated at Work (IAW) delivered demountable walls, glass and glazing, and shower enclosure solutions for this high-profile project.

IAW installed 110 doors and 1039 linear feet of Muraflex MIMO offset partitions. These partitions boasted a sleek black anodized aluminum finish and matching hardware, aligning with WHOOP’s branding. The collaboration with Studios Architecture and Gilbane Building Company spanned eight floors, seamlessly integrating demountable walls and glass features.

Through our collaboration with our AT WORK COLLABORATIVE companies, we streamlined the office renovation, providing both furnishing and architectural solutions, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious space transformation. Additionally, our team enabled WHOOP to achieve its diversity corporate goals. This project showcased our expertise in specialty contracting and reinforced our reputation as a reliable partner.


  • 1039 LF Demountable Walls/Muraflex MIMO offset partitions
  • 110 Doors
  • Glass & Glazing for Feature Walls
  • Shower Enclosures by OBE Showers
Demountable Walls | Glass & Glazing
General Contractor
Gilbane Building Company
Studios Architecture
Garrett Rowland

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