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New York, NY


The STV Headquarters project at the iconic Empire State Building in New York City is a testament to modern office design’s innovation and functionality. Our team installed a manual operable glass wall system to provide a sleek, versatile interior solution. The result is a sophisticated workspace that reflects the dynamic spirit of STV.

Collaboration with HOK and STV was instrumental in executing the installation with precision and attention to detail. From concept to completion, our approach ensured that the project met the highest standards of quality and functionality.


  • 2 Center-Folding Glass Partitions/PK-30 System
  • 1 Sliding Stacking Glass Partition/PK-30 System

Key Product Features

Flexibility: The PK-30 System offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for seamless division of space while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Aesthetic Appeal: With its minimalist design and clean lines, the PK-30 System enhances the visual appeal of the office space, creating an atmosphere of modern sophistication.

Efficiency: Designed for ease of operation, the center-folding and sliding stacking glass partitions provide efficient space utilization, adapting effortlessly to the dynamic needs of the STV office.

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