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Murtha Cullina LLP

Hartford, CT


Integrated at Work (IAW) executed a complete solution for the Murtha Cullina law firm. The project consisted of office fronts for all conference rooms and private offices within the space.

Coordination efforts and numerous site visits were necessary to release material on time. The project began and progressed throughout the onset of the COVID-19, which posed significant health and logistical risks and many uncertainties to the project’s completion and duration.

This project demonstrated IAW’s resilience and ability to “think outside the box”. Challenges with existing field conditions (drywall not being plumb, flooring variance outside of tolerance) required the IAW team to make necessary modifications to complete installation. For example, the glass in the feature wall behind the reception desk required notches to accommodate ceiling partitions that were in the way of providing a flush look, leaving no space of the wall uncovered. Even under unprecedented circumstances – in this case,  adapting to COVID-19 modifications – the IAW team executed a successful job and provided outstanding service to our client.

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