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MIT Schwarzman

Cambridge, MA


MIT Schwarzman College of Computing was a significant project completed by Integrated at Work (IAW) in collaboration with Suffolk, the general contractor, and SOM, the architect.

This project incorporated a range of interior architectural products, including demountable walls, pivot doors, auto sliding doors, nonrated door lites, bathroom mirrors, fire frame curtainwall, and much more (see scope below). The project showcased excellent coordination across multiple systems, contributing to the overall success and timely completion of the project.


  • 350 LF demountable walls (Muraflex MIMO)
  • 15 pivot doors (Muraflex MIMO)
  • 4 auto sliders (Horton)
  • 35 nonrated door lites
  • 870 SF of back lit mirrors
  • 140 SF fire frames (TGP)
  • 950 SF heat barrier clearview (TGP)
  • 12 fire-rated door lites
  • 120 LF glass handrails (Sadev Sabco)
  • 112 SF sound control frames (Devac)
  • 268 frosted sidelights
  • 268 clear sidelights
  • 1 skylight (Velux)
  • 8 column covers (Forms and Surfaces)
Demountable Walls, Speciality Doors, Feature Walls, Glass & Glazing, Curtainwall
General Contractor

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