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Great Hill Partners

Back Bay / Boston, MA


Integrated at Work (IAW) recently completed a high-end, customized demountable walls project with Columbia Construction for Great Hill Partners (GHP). Located on the 29th Floor of the Hancock Building, GHP is a private equity firm that embodies the core values of integrity, teamwork, accountability, attitude, meritocracy, and a desire to win.  Architect Gensler sought to incorporate these values in an interior design that distinctly reflects the GHP culture while raising the bar for industry expectations.

IAW proposed the Muraflex MIMO demountable wall system to complement Gensler’s theme of elegant and edgy.  MIMO is the most slender and sophisticated demountable glass office wall solution in the IAW portfolio. Modern and minimal, it maximizes natural light while fostering dynamic and transparent teaming.  True to its demountable nature the MIMO system is highly adaptable and can be easily reconfigured to meet the demands of Great Hill Partners’ long-term business needs. Further, as the walls are not affixed to drywall, future changes can be completed without the time and expense of outsourcing a demo crew.

Unique to this project, the IAW team elevated the capabilities of the MIMO system by customizing it for the GHP entryway.  A challenging task that drew upon years of interior glazing expertise while expanding upon knowledge of the Muraflex system and Maglocks security hardware.  We are proud to say that the results speak for themselves – what a way to make an entrance!

But don’t just take our word for it – even the elevator operator at the Hancock Building agrees that Great Hill Partners is the, “nicest floor in the building.”

Muraflex MIMO Demountable Walls; Maglocks Security
Columbia Construction
Richard Mandelkorn

This project was an interesting take on using demountable systems to create a refined, modern space that clearly represents the client.  An aggressive schedule, with a lot of changes, required major coordination efforts with other trades but we stayed one step ahead, the entire way.

Jose Sambrano
Project Manager, Integrated at Work