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Summer Street / Boston, MA


Integrated at Work (IAW) recently completed a unique and dynamic installation project with Columbia Construction using TecCrete raised flooring. The project goal was to redevelop an uninhabitable basement space and retro-fit the new space with bathrooms, showers, and employee bike storage for the new occupant – a high-profile, online retail giant.

Located in a building originally developed in 1902 as part of the NECCO factory complex in Fort Point, Boston, the project site proved challenging from the get-go. General Manager, David Atwood, says that the existing conditions resembled a skateboarding park with extreme slopes, slab buckles, and overall severe unlevelness.

Atwood himself had never seen a space quite like this but assured the team that TecCrete raised flooring was the right solution for the job. The pedestal and concrete paneling system of raised flooring absorbs extreme sub-floor conditions and has the flexibility necessary to achieve laser-levelness. Not only does it allow for variable height adjustments for existing conditions and new plumbing, but it also offers unique characteristics that do not exist in new construction. Uniformly flat and bone-dry, TecCrete installs ready for tile adherence.

5,000 SF

TecCrete Raised Access Flooring
General Contractor
Columbia Construction

“This crew of installers and project managers was very collaborative and willing to help solve any issues that arose. The final outcome was a great success!”

Jim Perry
Site Supervisor, Columbia Construction